Friday, April 27, 2012

Corel Draw tutorial Technocrati Vector Logo

Corel Draw tutorial, creating technocrati logo
I'm actually embarrassed to make this tutorial, because I really do not know how to promote my blog. From some articles I read, suggested that I should get into social bookmarking, one of which is Technorati. They have a condition that I have to make a post that contains the token "blog claim", rather than just write token H8PHFADFRKPV , I might as well make a corel draw tutorial : "How To Create Technorati Logo on  Corel Draw" ;) Hahahahaha

This time i will make the tutorial short and clear .

1. Creat a Square shape/Rectangle 

Using Rectangle Tool (F6)
Width : 5cm,
Height : 4cm

2. Modify the Rectangle 

<< You know how to make the rectangle look like that, right ? No ?
maybe you should read "How to create label" on modify object.
This time make the Rounded Corner value 15 to all corner.

3.The circles

Create two circle , make the position of the two circles like that.
Big Circle : 4X4cm ( Not four wheel drives ;)
Little one : 2.5X2.5cm

Transformation : Select the little one, Hold Shift (keyboard), Select the big one, then click TRIM button on property bar.

4. Horn/Technorati Sharp Thing

Create Triangle,
135 Degree

<< and put the triangle position like that

Select all the object by pressing ctrl+A
" Double Click on the Pick Tool " It will select all the object on the document if you do that. Try it for yourself ! Try it ! ;)
Then, press Weld button on property bar.
<< It would be like that
We Call that shape with HORN as a nickname ;)

5. Combining

Put the HORN above the rectangle that you created before.
See the little circle position, touching  top and right line of the rectangle

Before we go to the next step,
you have to duplicate the rectangle
(see image below)

You know how to duplicate, with the same distance for every side ?
Go to Menu Bar : Effects >> Contour.
Make the contour value : Offset : 0.2cm - Step : 1
After you countour it, go to Arrange >> Break Contour Group Appart or just press ctrl+k, select the Outer rectangle, right click on your mouse, Order >> To back of layer of press Shift+Pgdn

Select HORN shape, hold Shift (keyboard), select inner (small) rectangle, then click Trim button on property bar

<<< it would be like that

Now , Delete the HORN shape,... do you know how to delete ? No ?
if you dont know how, you should watch Ben10 movie then. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ;) Not funny, ya ? ok ;(

<< it would be like that, Ben.

6. Coloring

Select the inner shape, and fill color with Avacado Green (on cmyk pallete) , right click on your mouse pointing on X sign on the top of color table, so that shape will not have an outline.

Select the rectangle, click Fountain Fill or press F11, select Radial.
Radial Value, From : 10%black To : White

WE DONE, BEN !! ;)

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