Thursday, September 18, 2008


CorelDraw 5
my first version

CorelDraw 7
"big different" corel version than before (5)
as you know that in indonesia Corel 6 not so populer,
and i use this version not too long, Corel made a new version (8)

CorelDraw 8
With this version i found so many beautifull thing in Corel,
in this version i really know what corel made for. This version is
very essential, 'coz the next version till X4 base on this version, at least that what i think :), eventhough corel made a new version untill CorelDraw 11 i still use this version for preference.

CorelDraw 9
As i told you before the next version after CorelDraw 8 there is nothing big change, hua...ha..ha i'm 8 mania. There was very short time between 8 to 9, and all my document save in 8

CorelDraw 10
But in this version i found something that could complete the 8,
is more easy user, and i think corel queit satisfied with this version, as you know that take time to releashed the 11, it's really good version...but still i'm 8 mania :)

CorelDraw 11
i change my mind to become 8 mania, you will find something special in this version, so many effect that you can create, tool development is too beautifull, you know what ? you can running 11 in pentium III so well, now i'm 11 mania :)

CorelDraw 12

This version is so "heavy" for my PC, he..he..
so i still loyal to my 11
CorelDraw X3
The animo corel user in this world become wider, and corel try to make more easy user for newbie, and join the software market with good packing, actualy theres nothing big change than 12, maybe the effect is more beautifull.

CorelDraw X4
Come on guys, is easy graphic application, anybody can do it., especialy for begginer , Corel for dummies And with this blog i will guide from a to z, so you can use corel with fun, start making money with your skill.

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  1. i started with corel 4 and now i am using corel x4. yeah, i am really a coreldraw fan because of its powerful capabilities.