Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Most Fastest way Creating Android logo on coreldraw

Two days a go i ask two of my student to create android logo on coreldraw, and one of the student creating android logo in beautiful technic at least for boys 10age old. It mean he realy understand how to use shape tool and trim.

create android logo on coreldraw

1. Create a rectangle

Create a rectangle using rectangle tool or press F6, and follow the dimension as the image shown below

2. Make the Rounded Corner

How to make the rounded corner ? 
Use the shape tool, and drag down or drag aside one of the node (on corner) on that rectangle, see the image below :

Using Shape Tool

Rounded Part
Drag the black node down or aside.
See the value on property bar (red circle sign), make sure the Lock Button (green sign) is pressed.
The blue Circle sign, this function only available on CorelDraw X5 or higher, but that doesn't matter for you if using below X5 version.
**Then Copy this object., i will tell on the next step.**

Now, still using Shape tool
Edit only the bottom right and left node, and make sure to unlock the value (green circle sign)
See carefully to value

Easy right ? Come on.... 
**Now Paste the object that you copied earlier**
then drag to next of th first object

Then resize the new object , see the size value

Then convert to curve,
Two way : (select the object first)
1. Go to Arrange and find convert  to curves, or
2. Press Ctrl+q on keyboard
3. Find this button on property bar

Now, Select the bottom right and left node, then drag down

it should be like this :

Now we have a hand ;) Copy that hand and lets make that cute robot to normal robot with two hand ;)
and make sure have same space between the body.

Go on, you know the rest, he need foot !;)
Copy again and make posisition look like this


Select the body and foot only then press weld button


Separate the head off the body ;) 

4.1 Create a rectangle crossing the head
4.2 Select (becareful) First the long rectangle, than select the body. It's like a cutter which became the cutter that should select first . Than find Trim button, press it.
4.3 Delete that long rectangle

Now creating the antenna

1. Copy one hand and resize into small cute shape
2. Make that new shape long, like you did for the hand at first time, scroll up, guys.
3. Rotate 

Now do WELD thing again to make head and antenna blended

what that left behind ?? Eyes ? Come on... you can make that.


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