Sunday, May 20, 2012

Corel draw tutorial creating Shield

Coreldraw Tutorial


Step 1 - Creating Basic Shape
Create hexagons, exactly as shown below using the freehand tool
Next is customize the hexagons
Step 2 - Curved The Hexagons
A. Click on everyside, (one by one) with shape tool
B. Then use "convert line to curve" tool, and curved exactly as shown below 

Do to all side, and the result will be like the image below,.... easy, right?
Step 3 - Coloring The Hexagons
A little bit difficult, but still easy ... as to create a shiny metal effect.
If you look at the picture below, this is the "Fountain Fill" dialog. You can see that I marked with a red oval, it is an important part in the coloring to make it look like shiny metal
A. Custom B. Curent C. Position D. Triangle Color Parameter.

Every Triangle has 2 value : Position and Current Color
You can see we have 5 Triangle, and with start point is black, and end point is white. So, we start after the black start point. To Create Triangle parameter, Just double click on the dotted line ....

Now click the Triangle one by one :
First Triangle : Position 26%, Current Color : 70%black
Second Triangle : Position 40%, Current Color : 40%black
Third Triangle : Position 52%, Current Color : 20%black
Fourth Triangle : Position 72%, Current Color : White
FifthTriangle : Position 90%, Current Color : 20%black
Easy, Right..... I'm sure you can follow. And the result would be like this :

Woow, i'm sorry guys, i didnt mention the size since beginning ;).... Let say It had :
Width : 5cm, Height : 6cm

Step 4 - Contouring
Click the Basic hexagons, on property bar >> Effects >> Countour, or just press Ctrl+F9
Set the offset value : 0.3Cm, Step : 1, Click Apply. (see image below)

You see now we have two layer of hexagons, Break it Appart, 
Arrange >> Break Contour Group Appar Ctrl+K
Fill that new layer with YELLOW (temporary)............(see image below)
Now, Click the Yellow hexagon, and contour it ... follow the contour parameter as shown below
Arrange >> Break Contour Group Appar Ctrl+K. like we do it on previous step.
Step 5 - Trim
After you break it appart, first click the Black solid layer, Hold the SHIFT on your keyboard, click the Yellow layer, then press Trim Button on menu bar..(see image below)
Step 6 - Coloring Inner Layer
If you drag out the yellow layer, you will see that the yellow layer seem have no fill or just big outline, actualy that is Solid Fill Area. (see image below)

Lets fill that layer with  " Fountain Fill " , like we did before on Step 3, There will be triangle, but this time we make it more simple, just with Two triangle parameter.(see image below)

Now click the Triangle one by one :
First Triangle : Position 28%, Current Color : 60%black
Second Triangle : Position 77%, Current Color : 10%black 
The result would be like this (see image below)

No drag it back to the center, and it would be like this (see image below)
Step 7 -Main Shield Motif Color
Create  TWO rectangle 
And each have Width : 0.7cm Heght : 6cm.
Then Draw straight line with 5cm long. 
Put one of the rectangle on the left side of the line, do you know how to do that ? 
Click One of rectangle, Hold "Shift" on your keyboard, select the line, then press "L", 
do that to another rectangle , but this time on right side of the line.(see image below)

Now , Select that two rectangle. Go to menu bar Effects >> Blend,.... Follow all the parameter on Blend Dialogue Box, dont forget to click Apply (see image below)

Delete the line, Go to Menu bar Arrange>> Break Blend Group Appart.
Click the middle rectangle, UNGROUP it, Select all rectangle GROUP it.
Then Rotate it to 135 Degrees  (see image below)

And fill it with Fountain Fill , Here we determine the direction of the light and how much light was shining armor. With more first color darkens, it means that the rising was close and very strong.  (see image below)

The Result would be like this...(see image below)

What we have so far
Step 8 - Container
Select orange rectangle, go to menu bar Effects >> Powerclip >> Place Insde Container,

pointed that black arrow to inner layer of the shield/hexagons,
The Result would be like this...(see image below)

Step 9 - The flashes of light
Create object like (A) on image below, then use shape tool to modify, do exactly like the example (B)
(see image below)

Fill it with WHITE color and no outline, then put it above the shield.....

Select that white thing, Use interactive Transparancy Tool, choose Uniform..... just follow the parameter that shown on image below.

That's it Guys!. Hope this tuts can inspiring you to create great vector, and i hope you learn something from this...... see you in next Corel Draw Tutorial


  1. fucking awesome tutorial man for beginners

  2. Really... it is for beginners only. i bet, on any one can do first two steps, means draw a equally shaped hexagonal with freehand tool, even experts can't do it.