Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Create Aquarium in corel draw

A week ago I made a fish heading vector and vector flowers, and I have to say that the vectors were not imported from outside the corel draw, and it is not derived from clipart dingbat or any form of import.

If you miss the post about the fish vector you can see it here. And you can see on the flower vector here.

Now I try to make the aquarium without having to import any clipart/vector outside coreldraw

What I am trying to make this day a box aquarium, the aquarium is not a tube. As usual aquarium, there are rocks, and other water plants. We create a simple aquarium, ok.

Now let's create the container of the aquarium.

Create a rectangle ..the size is all up to you
like this :

Create a small rectangle, the size show how width the aquarium, put it in left side of the big rectangle, like this :

Why i have to explain just to create the container (rectangle) ??? I would like if you make something like this, you do so very quickly, like a pro ..... hahahahahaha act cocky, like I did for my son ..... "wooow you so good, dad!" 

Next, duplicate the small rectangle : Drag the small rectangle that has been tilted, verticaly to the right, hold the Ctrl, drag everywhere (still inside the big rectangle), at the same time click the right mouse.

Click the small rectangle, hold (shift),  click the big rectangle, press "R" , to make sure that small rectangle is verticaly same with the big rectangle press "B", it look something like this :

now, take a look the image below : flip the right small rectangle 100% to right

result will be like this

select the flip result, then click Mirror Button on property bar

Now click the big rectangle, Drag to the back, click the right mouse at the same time (duplicate). After that, press shift, hold, click the right side , then press "R" , press "T"

Hahahaha that crazy tuts, .... it's ok, right? because this tuts not for expert, is for dummy like me, Please Practice all the step above, make it more faster each time you try it. With all the step above you will have the rectangle with exact position..... if you can follow the step, you will able to create the bottom of the aquarium container, like this :

Ok let see what we have so far , a simple aquarium container, with 4 side in main frame.
lets give name for each side:

a is Left side , b is Front side , b is Back side , b is Right side .

Select b, right click on you mous, Order > To front of layer or just pres Shift+PgUp
Select c, right click on you mous, Order > To back of layer or just pres Shift+PgDn
Select d, right click on you mous, Order > To front of layer or just pres Shift+PgDn (for see-through side)


a & d : Deep Navy Blue
b : Light Blue Green
c : Baby Blue

select "a" rectangle, give it Lens effect / Interactive Transparency tool 

it would be something like this :

Different ? No ? Come on , tools that make the difference, everything is transparent, when viewed from the front of the aquarium, i wonder if we can see angelina jolie with this tool.... it will work if the whole world turn into vector ;) ;) ;)

Now Lets create simple water ,.... and i will draw like a child,  something like this.

Select the "child drawing" , press shift, select the "b" (already in transparent).... then clik button "intersect" button on property bar. Do that too to the "d" shape (right side) .The intersect result on "d" side, you should give it the lens effect like you did on "b" side. Fill it with white color.

it would be something like this :

First lets create the water plants,..... as far as i know, the aquarium must have plants, for the fish to play seek and hide ;)

1. drawing a straight line using freehand tool (F5)

2. Go to Freehands Tool,...click the tiny triangle on bottem right of the freehand tool, it will show other tool, pick artistic media.... (see the image below)

when you click that tool, you can see on the property bar, the property of artistic media. Choose Sprayer

still on the property bar, you will find , Spraylist File

Select the straight line that you created before, then click on the spraylist file.....

it would be something like this

click that water plants, then go to Arrange > Break Artistic  Media Group Apart (Ctrl+K), The straight line will show up...

now we have separate object, the plants and the line,.... click the plants > Ungroup it. Put the plants into Aqurium, put wherever you like.

Dont throw away the straight line,..... use it again, but select another file from spraylist

Create Stones
select again that straight line, then....find stones image

Break it apart , Ungroup it, Place it in Aquarium, you can resize the stones.... up to you.


select again that straight line, then....find fish image

Break it apart , Ungroup it, Place it in Aquarium, you can resize the fishs.... up to you. Hey, we have some bubbles too ;) you can see all the fish collection here or just push Randomly, Sequentialy or by direction to see all the colection

Ha !!! We have Aquarium now, not bad , right ???? considering we only draw a tank container only. And it is Vector Aquarium Corel Draw Format.......and Aquarium for dummy like me. Yyeyyeyeeyyeyeeeeee.
And this Corel Draw tutorial How to create Aquarium Without importing any clipart outside CorelDraw specially made for you, Loyal Visitor CorelforDummy.blogspot.com

Tired of reading the tutorial? Watch a video about this tutorial


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