Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CorelDraw Tutorial - Font Creativity 1

let's learn about making creative with fonts, many fonts available are so beautiful with different characteristics. Sometimes we wonder if we see a design with a title that really stand out using font with character .... in fact it's the font or shape? But, who give a damn about that, all we need is some creativity with a little imagination

Fonts can be very meaningful for some designers, it could be remi
niscent of something, such as when they fall in love, a time and can be a very strong message, we notice a trend of fonts when the year 1966 or a few years ago when the late melanium.

In this CorelDraw Tutorial for dummies this time i want to try to make some creativity with font

Not bad, right ? that one of the creativity with simple way, but look like pro ;)
Here's the step to make that creativity

1. Write FlashForward with font type "Countour Generator"  at 72 pt,  if you dont have the fonts you can download from Free Font Website, click here to download please click the download in new tab ;)

2. Then go to Effect > Contour

Choose the outside, Offset 0.3 Cm and Step 2, click Apply, and it will be like this :

3. After the countour, we must break it into separate between the result with the original form, then go to Arrange > Break Contour Group Appart, You know that the results of the contour if more than one step always results in a cohesive group. Then click on the results of the contour that has been separated (the two forms were in a state of one group), Ungroup them.
Click the first shape the content of the Fountain Fill> Radial

Choose Two color in "Color Blend", pick the black for " From " and pick orange for " To", and the rest make them on default set, click ok. Still on that the first shape, press F12

And it will be look like this :

What ??? that's it,.......slow down, there more few step to make it like sample ;)

4. Drag out the text, and create two line between the text, like this :

Click that two line without the text, then go to Effects > Blend

Put value 10 at the step, click apply...and it will be like this , (oh i forgot to drag out the line before blend from the text  ;))

then give the line white color, after that go to Effects > Power clip > Place inside container, then a little black arrow shown up, pointed that arrow to the text, and it will be like this  :

Then drag in back the text to the middle of the shape or DONT ASK !!, just do it ! click the text > hold the shift > click the orange shape > release the shift > press on keyboard letter "e"  > then press " c"....hahahaaha that the shortcut for align and distribute. THAT'S IT !!

Wait, wait.....;) let's give text the final touch by giving the text a shadow on the tool box, and this the value

That's all  CorelDraw Tutorial for dummy on text creativity, if you need more help, feel free to make a comment bye now....

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  1. wow this is incredible i'm really learning a lot from you guys