Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Building #2 Free Vectors

Hey, another building vectors to download, have fun ! ;)

Hey, it's not for expert's corel for dummies, like mine
All files ready to download in Cdr, illustrator, WMF, EPS file format

Even so, Rini rate is still a lot of people who do not understand about the design field.There are still many people who mencampuradukan between design with art. So, assume that the design is a profession that is not promising. This, too, its impact to the world of education. Many parents are afraid to leave their children in educational institutions design. "Whereas if you look at the market, design effort is needed at all. The most obvious example is a graduate of DSC which is always exhausted absorbed by the market at the time they graduate. In fact, before graduating were already many companies that want," Rini added.

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